Howdy folks! Here’s your business deer. I am enjoying the heck out of writing him, he is quite a fellow!

You may have noticed that my strip output was a bit light this week, and strips have been delayed in previous weeks as well. Part of this is because I have been taking on freelance work to supplement my cartooning income. That feels like a dirty confession somehow! But it has been necessary to do so to gain some modicum of financial stability in a market that is not particularly favorable for cartoonists.

The other reason for missing strips this week was that I moved my office from one of the bedrooms in our house up to the attic. That’s because we are making room for some new babies in the house! Yes, BABIES. My wife is pregnant with identical twins, and while the pregnancy was not a surprise, the number of pregnancies was. I am equal parts thrilled and terrified. They’re due in June or thereabouts, so I have some time to get my head on straight before fetal armageddon arrives.

If you would like to help me avoid additional freelance gigs and support my human cloning experiments, please consider purchasing something from our holiday store! If you opt for express shipping your purchase should still make it to you by Chirstmas if you order by the 20th.

Only three choices in this week’s poll! Good luck, contestants!

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