Here’s the fifth (and final) installment of our centaur-centric Well World series! Don’t pout, we’ll be revisiting these good folks during our next week-long Famous Destinations Travelogue. That means that we get to vote for a brand-new Repeat Destination this week! Make it a good one.

But first, please take a moment to check out the Bunnies of Autumn Bafflers! This project is a collaboration between Chris Yates and myself, although Chris is doing the heavy lifting and I am shouting unhelpful things from the sidelines for the most part.

We’re making fifty of these handmade wooden beauties available (12 or 13 of four different designs), and if you’re already thinking ahead to Christmas like I am, these make fabulous gifts for anyone you know who is awesome.

Buy a Bunnies Baffler today, while they last!

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