They say that only tachyons can travel backwards in time, but how do you become a tachyon in the first place? Is there a correspondence course you can take? Or do you have to be born to the right kind of family? Either way, it must take an awful lot of energy and/or nepotism to break that lightspeed barrier.  Has anyone tried using caffeine as an energy source for particle acceleration? I know it works for me.

In merchandise news, both Goats Book One and the Diablo Action Figure have been discounted to a ridiculously low $10 each. If you haven’t read Goats yet, Book One is definitely the place to start. It even comes first numerically. Please buy a book or a toy, as the money that you buy it with can then be used to buy me food, which I require to draw this comc strip.

Friday’s poll has resulted in a win for the Blarthan Empire! Hopefully Mrs. Spelt will lead the empire to glory this Friday, or at least bake some cookies for everyone.