Howdy folks! SFAM is back! Thank you all for your patience while I was recuperating, and for all your support. I am lucky to have the best readers in this universe and several adjacent universes as well.

One of the things that my hospitalization has taught me is that I need to reduce the amount of stress in my life. So I’m making some changes, hopefully for the better. The first change I decided on was to get rid of the MWF publishing schedule. I think it’s arguable that a regular schedule is less important in these days of social media, and the added flexibility will give me a chance to work on non-comics stuff and new projects. If all goes well, you’ll still get the same number of comics every month, but I’ll publish them when they’re ready rather than slavishly adhere to an artificial time table.

If you want to know when there’s an update, there’s a few ways to keep up:

Thanks again for sticking with me. I’ll be back with a new comic as soon as it’s done!