And that’s Episode Five of the Dracula Jones series! Thanks for playing along. We’ve got a brand-new Repeat Destination poll for you today with brand-new candidates. It’s a blank slate. Make the most of it, compadres.

As you’ve probably noticed, my actual publication schedule and my intended publication schedule very rarely line up. There’s a good reason for this: I have taken on way too many responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities are children, and according to the state and my attorneys, need to be attended to on a daily basis.  There is no apparent room for negotiation on this.

I have also taken on the task of fulfilling two Kickstarters. My attorneys suggest that I do not run away with the Kickstarter money, but, instead, fulfill my obligations outlined in the rewards sections. They say this will help avoid unpleasant legal and extralegal actions on behalf of the Kickstarter backers.

Kickstarter  progress is going a bit slower than I’d like. I want to focus on getting all the rewards done and out the door. We’re almost done with the Bunnies Kickstarter rewards, and Goats Book IV Kickstarter production is well underway, but at this rate it’s going to be very late getting to you guys. I want to make some changes and make sure that we’re only slightly late.

So: as of immediately, SFAM is going to switch to a stable MWF publishing schedule with Repeat Destination polls every other Friday. Except today, since I didn’t get Friday’s strip up in time. So we have a poll today too.

I know, I’m confused also.

This new schedule will last until I’m able to get all of the Kickstarter work done, and then we’ll switch back to our normal, erratic schedule. I hope this makes some sense to you and that you agree that it’s a Good Thing.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.