They found the Higgs! Man, I was itching to do a bosonic strip last week, but my prior commitments to the good folks of the Westeron Cluster superceded my own petty desires. But nothing is stopping me now! I hope you’re excited for two to three weeks of boson gags, kids.

I’m off to sunny San Diego tomorrow morning for one full week of Comic-Conning! Unfortunately I was unable to work ahead, so SFAM strips will resume on Tuesday the 17th. But if you keep an eye on QC this week, you might get a surprise!

If you’re attending SDCC, please come say hi to me at Dumbrella (Table 1337)! I’ll be signing books and selling t-shirts and WE WILL HAVE BUNNIES PLANET BUNNIES FOR SALE. Yes, I will have a small quantity available! Hopefully they will last until after preview night.

Okay, back to work for me! More news here later.