This past weekend I was honored (and bewildered) to receive the first-ever NCS Divisional Award for Online Comic Strips, for Scenes From A Multiverse, dated 2011.

This is an award for comics I made a year ago; a year I have already eradicated from my brain with a half-dozen mercury smoothies. Even a syndicated cartoonist can see that this is clearly a backwards way of giving out awards. I propose that next year, the NCS look towards the future and give out the award for Best Online Comic for 2017. This will require significant science funding and at least one Delorean but I have confidence in the NCS membership’s ability.

But seriously, folks, it was an amazing weekend and I met all sorts of incredible people and I am still kind of freaked by the whole thing. (I thanked Jeannie Schulz. I’m not sure why, or what for, although it seemed appropriate at the time.) I have never seriously expected to win any sort of award. I keep glancing around quickly, hoping to catch programming glitches in the Matrix.

I think it’s a great thing that the NCS has finally recognized the legitimacy of online comics, and I hope that the list of winners for this award grows long and includes all the best comics talent the internet has to offer, occasionally punctuated by follow-up wins by Yours Truly.

Quick thanks to the entire NCS, the membership committee in particular, to Mike and Jerry and Matthew for being freaking awesome co-nominees, and especially to all my amazing friends in the webcomics world who have encouraged me and taught me so much over the years. And thanks also, of course, to my wife. And my kids. And my parents. And the computer that writes my scripts for me.

And you Constant Readers that make the whole thing possible and worthwhile and wonderful, you too.

Oh! Almost forgot: the Bunnies Planet Kickstarter wraps up in just a few hours. Get yours right now while you still have a chance!