Do you smell that? That’s the odor of the demise of civilization, the stench of rotting econocorpses baking in the sun of mass delusion. They make a Glade plug-in for that now.

But the news duck is back! Everything will be fine. You can relax.

SFAM Volume One is now available! Please go buy it like crazy, your support is very important to the comic as well as my sanity and well-being. If you order it this week you can get it signed and sketched in too! Remember, your money is mostly imaginary anyhow so you might as well spend it.

If you’re full up on books but have a dearth of computer wallpaper, may I suggest our new Pay-What-You-Want wallpaper collection? Also a wonderful way to support SFAM with imaginary money, our new Wallpapers cost only as much as your heart tells you they cost.