Happy Monday everyone! We’re back in the Cognitive Dissonance Zones today, where thought is a bit more pliable than it is in other Zones (In the Multiverse, a Zone is a large collection of self-similar Dimensions, like a supercluster). If you’re seeing some familiar themes pop up, blame the fractal nature of reality, not me.

Last week’s Repeat Destination poll is closed, and the results show a strong desire for more bunnies. Bunnies it shall be! Stop back on Friday for more bunnies and more voting for bunnies.

If you never had a chance to pick up a set of the old silver-covered Goats books (the volumes from back when the internet was in black and white), now is your chance! We found a few cases in a dusty corner of a strange and abandoned warehouse and now we’re making them available to you, for money! But not a lot of money.  This is almost definitely probably the last time these books will be available I think.