Congrats, everyone! Science has solved all of our problems and has moved on to more intellectually stimulating fare: whether or not you should be a dick. As a sufferer of chronic dickishness myself  I suspect that being a dick is a genetic thing and we shouldn’t be discriminating against those who suffer from it. On the contrary! I suspect we are due some government moneys for all the suffering we dicks have endured and/or created.

Voting sure was tight this weekend in the Repeat Destination poll! As I had hoped, the new rules have shaken things up a bit and returned things to a state of pleasant unpredictability. Plains of Virath edged out The Deathzones by a mere two votes! That is some tight margin right there. I think the Deathzones might have to make a second appearance if I want to appease you slathering hordes. Not this week, maybe not next week, but eventually. When your checks clear.