Not sure what happened here other than to say that yogurt is a lot funnier than zero point energy. Maybe I’ll manage to stay on topic tomorrow!

If you’re paying attention to the voting here on the site, you’ll notice that Sciencemaster Adler has won the day yet again. Is this an indication that Adler is incredibly popular? I suspect not. I do, however, suspect that the temptation of a ‘prize’ of a year’s worth of Returns is influencing people’s vote. This was never my intent. I wanted that to be the ultimate reward for an exceptional Scene, and as popular as Adler may be, I doubt I somehow came across the ultimate comic setting in my third or fourth week.

All this is a roundabout way of saying that I’ll be changing the voting rules in the next week or two, and not to expect to see a year’s worth of Adler anytime soon. More details to come.