Not much to say about this comic other than it’s part of a batch of bureaucracy I have queued up. I like bureaucracy, I feel like something is terribly wrong if I’m interfacing with some official institution or corporation and not waiting in line or filling out forms.

I have been drawing like crazy this week and I think I have a comic prepared for every day that I will be in sunny San Diego! Don’t forget, if you’re going to be at Comic-Con this year come see me at Booth #1337 with the other Dumbrella folks. I will have some shirts for sale, all three Goats books and free SFAM postcards that I will sketch an SFAM alien on for you if you are nice to me.

In SFAM news, to absolutely no one’s surprise, the Inner Science Rings won the day yet again in Friday’s Repeat Destination poll. We’ll be visiting with Sciencemaster Adler again this Friday, sciencemastering fans. Stay tuned!