Howdy readers! Welcome to the first installment of SFAM Guest Month! I’m pleased as punch to present to you the unparalleled comic genius of none other than David Willis, creator of Dumbing of Age, Shortpacked, and several dozen other webcomics dating back to the very dawn of time itself.

David and a few of my other comics friends are helping me out of the giant hole I have dug myself with the Goats Kickstarter. It is unacceptably late and I am going to make it my number one priority until it is DONE and you good folks have your books in your hot little hands. So, for the next month or so, I will be bringing you SFAM guest strips from the finest talent that the internet has to offer while I focus like a laser beam on Volume IV and associated projects.

I hope you enjoy SFAM Guest Month! And please be nice to the guest artists, they are swell folks and helping me out in a huge way.